Small Beginnings

About us

How it started

With a career spanning 15 years in the catering industry, John Coleman has started from the very bottom to achieve one of Doncaster’s finest steakhouses.

First beginning at Woods Tea Rooms washing pots, John went on to study catering and hospitality at Doncaster College. From his education, he then began a chef’s career for 6 years to build up his skill base.
To further his knowledge in the industry, John then trained to be a qualified butcher where he worked for 4 years.

Following on from his extensive industry experience, John then opened Thyme at Bawtry which turned out to be a huge success and the start of his restaurant career.

The First Original

Steakhouse in Doncaster

Neck, chuck, brisket, flank, sirloin, fillet, round, rump, silverside, topside, shank and ribs. John Coleman knows his way around his cuts of beef and realising there was an opportunity for a steakhouse in Doncaster, the charcoal grills were fired to get the juices flowing for Bawtry’s carnivores.

The first original steakhouse in Doncaster, Coleman’s Steakhouse slices up a culinary delight in offering some of the best steaks in the region, along with juicy burgers, tender ribs and rustic pizzas.

The intimate restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere for you to dine with family and friends. With an open kitchen, you can watch the chef’s at work as they grill your steak to perfection and prepare your pizzas fresh for the oven.

Dishes to Cater

All Dietary Requirements

With an extensive menu, there are dishes catering for all dietary requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free.
So herbivores do not fear, there are delicious dishes awaiting on the menu for you.

Along with offering a superb range of steaks and pizza, Coleman’s Steakhouse offers a fantastic wine menu and draught Moretti beer to wash down.

We believe that we’ve created a unique dining experience in Bawtry, that offers foodies something different than the usual restaurant experience. So for the best steak in the region, visit Coleman’s Steakhouse.


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